PlayStation Store SALE: Popular games up to 60% off with Essential Picks offers

The weeks go by, as do the promotions on the PlayStation Store, which still overlap just as much. So you can currently take advantage of Double Discounts until tonight if you are subscribed to PS +, while the offers PlayStation Indies will continue until next week.

This Wednesday, the online store of Sony also hosts the operation Essential Picks, which as its name suggests is dedicated to essential productions. The complete list (unfortunately without the links) is to be consulted on the following page and to be found directly online, but be aware that there is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Cities: Skylines, various episodes of Final fantasy, The sims 4 or several sports games, accompanied by their DLC for some people. You have until March 18 to crack according to what is indicated in store.

Buying a card PSN :

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