PlayStation: the ban is looming over hackers, beware!

Sony currently has its eye on the future and has put its flagship console, the PlayStation 5, in the center of attention, neglecting some of the older gaming platforms. Among these is the PlayStation 3, which doesn’t. is no longer supported since 2017 but is still used by many users.

Several players use the PS3 in their possession to play classics sold on the PlayStation Store, or enjoy video games whose online service is still functional and operational. However, due to a recent data breach from Sony, going online now could result in a ban on the PlayStation 3 in use.

The first major PS3 security breach dates back to 2011, when hackers compromised the entire security system, allowing users to modify the console and operate it outside of regulatory limits.

Another system breach in 2014 caused the data of millions of players using the PS3 to be stolen. This new breach, which now threatens to lead to the ban of the console, is in line with the previous ones and is focused on identification. The first reported case dates back to last April, when Spanish YouTuber TheWizWiki reported that with this breach, many people using the PS3 were at risk of being banned.

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The hacker community “behind” the breach reportedly managed to get their hands on a list of all serial numbers for Sony’s PS3 consoles. A hacker leaked this list after claiming to have found it quite easily.

Later, a PSNProfiles forum user named GUDGER666 posted a message announcing that he had been banned, ending up with his console banned from online services. The only person spared by the PS3 ban was Netflix, which was still usable. The ban also did not apply to the PSN ID, since the user was able to access other Sony platforms in their possession without being blocked.

Other PSNProfiles users have also confirmed that they have been banned on various console models, including PS3 slim and super slim. The main consequence of identity breach is the ability for hackers to use the data freely, with malicious intent.

It would be possible, for example, to make servers “think” that a console is being used to perform jailbreaking maneuvers when connecting to online services. The ban on PlayStation 3 received has, moreover, a duration ranging from a few hours to a permanent ban, as evidenced by several users who are subject to the bans. Some have received a 24- to 72-hour ban, others a one-week ban, and still others will no longer be able to access online.

Such hacking attempts may have contributed to Sony’s decision to shut down the PlayStation Store on PS3 and PS Vita several months ago, but so far this is only unconfirmed speculation from sources. officials, who don’t even take into account the final decision to keep the store open. The bans that occur at these times could have a completely different cause, and it is to be hoped that the multinational will soon shed light on this situation.

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