PlayStation VR 2 (PS5): OLED screens made by Samsung?

It is in an article from the very serious Bloomberg site that a new rumor has just come out about the future virtual reality headset from Sony for the PS5.

If we have already taken the habit of naming it PlayStation VR 2, it does not have an official name for the moment. This helmet is in any case very real since it was formally announced by the manufacturer a few months ago. Last March, Sony also unveiled the new haptic controllers that would come with the headset. In any case, this is all the official information that we have for the moment.

Side rumors or unofficial information, the latest information dates from last May when our colleagues from UploadVR announced that the PlayStation VR 2 would have a 4K resolution and would offer haptic feedback directly on the headset.

But back to the news of the day in a Bloomberg article that looks at the LCD vs OLED war and the role of virtual reality in it. While current helmets all have LCD screens, according to site information, Sony will buy from Samsung to equip the PlayStation VR 2 with OLED screens. Sources necessarily serious for a site like Bloomberg to affirm it. Neither Sony nor Samsung wanted to comment on this information to the reporter.

As a reminder, we hope that PlayStation VR 2 will be released by the end of 2022, but again, the information is not yet official. As is often the case in these cases, let’s be patient.

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