PlayStation VR 2: Sony announces early 2023 release date

Having revealed a lot of information about the PlayStation VR 2, Sony has just clarified its release date, or rather the launch period. Thanks to new social media postings, the Japanese firm has indeed stated that its PS5-cut VR headset will arrive in early 2023.

Early 2023 for PlayStation VR 2

At the end of July 2022, Sony shared more information about the PlayStation VR 2, specifically about the user experience. Thus, we learned about the existence of functions for taking pictures of ourselves during the game; watch video content in cinematic mode; or see where controllers are using helmet cameras.

At midnight on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, PlayStation’s Twitter and Instagram accounts shared important new information about PlayStation VR 2: Launch Period. As such, Sony indicates that its PS5 VR headset will be “available in early 2023.” Therefore, it is not long to wait for the launch of this device, which suggests the latest discoveries in the coming months.

We remind you that Sony has not saved on PlayStation VR 2 for more than a year. After the announcement of controllers for using a virtual reality headset in March 2021, its datasheet was published in early January during CES 2022. An opportunity to teach us, for example, that a helmet will be eligible on a 4K resolution OLED screen that can run at 90Hz or 120Hz, with a 110-degree field of view.

Then came February to unveil the design of the PlayStation VR 2. In terms of video games, we know that Sony has Horizon Call of the Mountain in the bag, but also that more than 20 “major” games, as soon as the virtual reality headset was released , that is, at the beginning of 2023.

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