PlayStation VR: Form and Twilight Path get physical on PSVR

In FORM, players guide Dr. Devin Eli, a brilliant physicist with superhuman powers of geometric visualization, on a VR journey to uncover the secrets of a recently discovered ancient artifact, the Obelisk. Departing from a remote research center in Alaska, players solve challenging puzzles and explore surreal environments built from the memories, dreams, and fears of Dr. Eli.

In these environments, players put the pieces of the puzzle together, unlock doors, and open breaches in alternate realities. As the game progresses, the puzzles and environments become more and more complex and intertwine, accessing the deepest and most remote corners of Dr. Eli’s mind. By solving these puzzles and “unlocking” the constraints of Dr. Eli’s mind, players will gradually ascend to higher levels of consciousness to discover a path to Dr. Eli’s true destiny.

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