PlayStation VR: Layers of Fear dated on PSVR and it’s coming soon!

We were happy to announce it to you about two months ago… well this time, we are talking about it for a release date. Layers of Fear VR, from the studio Bloober Team (Observe Sustem Redux, Blair Witch & The Medium) should officially arrive on April 29 next on the Store of Playstation VR !

Discover the visions, fears and horrors that take hold of a painter exploring the depths of an ever-changing Victorian mansion! Layers of Fear VR will be available on PlayStation VR on April 29, 2021.

So if you are a little nostalgic for the hospitality of the Baker family, if for you the TV show “Apartment or House Search” lacks Mansions, Crypts, cobwebs or nearby cemetery, you can already start heating your bank card for the end of the month!

Layers of Fear VR is not a very big game. It could even be called a little experiment of about 5 hours. But as we often say among ourselves… if the experience is intense and its price is reasonable in relation to its duration, then why deny it?

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