PlayStation VR: The IronMan VR Team Confirms Republic VR PSVR!

The studio Camouflaj is not a studio of noobs… The team incorporates at the time industry veterans behind AAA games like Metal Gear Solid, Halo, FEAR, Kinect and cutting edge videos like the Skyrim TV spot and commercials emblematic of the iPod “silhouette”. République is a game specially designed for mobile devices and touch tablets.

Republic VR takes place in a totalitarian state reminiscent of that created by George orwell in his novel 1984. This is led by a sinister supervisor named Treglazov.

You receive a desperate phone call from Hope, a young woman trapped in a dark world. She’s calling and begging you to hack the country’s surveillance system, take control of it, and help it escape the clutches of the ubiquitous overseers.

In Republic VR, you will play the role of the protector, the Big Brother. You will take control of all devices compatible with the network, you will be able to turn off the lights, bug out calls, summon the elevators and protect Hope by slamming the doors on her pursuers.

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