PlayStation VR2 in 2023… Why not PSVR2 in 2022?

Here it can be noted that the celebration of Christmas in Japan is different (in the sense that it is not perceived in the same way as in Europe or the USA). As for the PS3’s delay in the European market in March, the console was suffering from a lens problem on its DVD players.

Then we might wonder if Sony isn’t looking forward to releasing PSVR2 in October or November 2023 to take advantage of the holiday season… or rather in March 2023 in case of a technical issue… October/November window anyway 2022 remains perfect!

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to what the Goertek factory is going to put between 1 and 2 million PSVR2 units at the end of 2022 according to a Chinese insider. He also confirmed that “prominent” Japanese buyers will release a new generation of VR headset in 2022. Some will say that 1.5 million units is very little for hardware… Let’s not forget that we are in the virtual reality market! So it’s huge to start! The first PSVR only sold 5.6 million units in its entire career, in 5 years!

To conclude, we are not telling you that PlayStation VR2 will be released in 2022. We also don’t tell you that it will be released in 2023… But both are still possible today! Surprise could well indicate with the tip of the nose in September or August? Pre-orders for PlayStation VR went live on March 22, 2016 and marketing started on October 13, 2016, that is 7 months of pre-orders… Things have changed today, stock is limited, VR is much more popular than it was in 2016… So period pre-order will be much shorter!

Therefore, we will not be categorical about the launch date of PlayStation VR2!

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