Playstation, Xbox, PC. [Test] Quarry: high from hell?

Shortly speaking

The Quarry, developed by Supermassive Games, published by 2K, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X

We love :

– Well seasoned script, from start to finish

– A true horror experience, with no concessions, dared by gore without blinking an eye

– A well-found balance between narration and interactivity. The sequences of the study, although under rather limited conditions, are compelling. The choice of QTE and scenario does the trick.

– True replay value: 186 possible endings (even if many of them are similar)!

– Solid implementation, excellent quality 3D, and the environment at night in the forest is creepy as hell. The faces are perhaps still too waxy to be entirely believable.

– High-quality French dubbing, even if we regret the lack of VOST

– A solid cast of genre film stars

– A tarot card system to collect that allows you to get clues about the sequence of events

– Being able to experience the game like a movie is a great idea

We like less:

– There are still too many bugs, especially in character animations, cut-scenes (at the end of the sequence) or poorly controlled cameras.

– General tone, sometimes heterogeneous. We move too fast, here and there, from drama to laughter

– A soundtrack that lacks darkness at times

– A few drops in pace that sometimes interfere with the plot a bit

– The end, although it comes full circle, is a bit hasty. Shame.

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