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The holidays are in full swing. And while some plan to go and discover new destinations, others, on the other hand, prefer to stay at home to spend time in their gardens, outdoors, meeting friends, family around a barbecue, for friendliness. It’s also an opportunity to think about DIY projects or renovations using custom perspex.

This material is actually a trade name for polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). Used in many areas, especially in industry, plexiglass is the new favorite material in terms of interior and exterior decoration. We tell you everything.

Why use plexiglass?

Plexiglas is commonly used in the manufacture of various items and is easy to work with. Plexiglas can be easily sanded, drilled or cut without breaking it, unlike glass. So you can use it to create all sorts of customizations. Solid and durable, it withstands impact better than glass (about 40 times stronger).

Thus, its durability is practically unlimited. This unchanging material also has very good light transmission (up to 92%). And this explains its nickname of acrylic glass. It can be darkened or completely transparent. Compared to glass, plexiglass has the same insulating properties, both in terms of acoustics and temperature.

Finally, this transparent thermoplastic material exhibits complete resistance to UV rays, pollution, weathering and UV rays. Therefore, those who do not dare to use plexiglass outside the home, fearing the negative impact of weather conditions on the material, no longer have reason to worry. In addition, its yellowing index is almost zero, which means that it does not turn yellow regardless of the year.

How to use plexiglass in your home?

Plexiglas inside and out can be used in different ways in your home. Let’s look at some of them together.

Plexiglas sign

Many people put a house number and/or a sign on the house to make it easy to identify them. Home plates are available in various models, from the most discreet to the most original. However, custom-made plastic plates, more specifically from plexiglass, remain the most elegant and most durable.

Attention ! Be sure to check the legal regulations in this area before personalizing your entryway with a number or a sign with your picture.

Plexiglas pool cover

Whether it’s for aesthetics or practicality, it’s important to choose the right material for your pool. Thus, plexiglass is the best solution. You can use this clear thermoplastic material to make barriers and fences in your garden.

Plexiglas furniture

Currently, we pay great attention to lighting in interiors to ensure better ventilation of the space. If you want to follow the trend and share the spirit of lightness, we advise you to opt for designer furniture made of plexiglass. Plexiglas can be used to decorate any type of furniture:

  • chairs;
  • coffee tables;
  • parentheses;
  • shelves;
  • storage boxes…

The main advantage of plexiglass furniture is that it is in harmony with all styles of decoration.

In addition, they have excellent strength and are able to withstand heavy loads. And they are easy to maintain. Therefore, you can safely install them in your garden.

Plexiglas partitions

Do you want to create an office space in your living room or create a cozy and cozy sleeping area like a studio or mezzanine? Choose partitions from plexiglass sheets. They provide a delimitation of spaces without creating the impression of a narrowed or cramped space. With this separation solution, light will continue to pass through, thus avoiding blind rooms.

Plexiglas boards

To personalize the walls of your home, there is nothing better than perspex paintings. Photos or images that are there are more appreciated. Whether it’s an XXL image or a small format, a plexiglass board will satisfy every need.

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