PODCAST. How Microsoft is helping Ukraine fight cyberattacks

In this edition of La Loupe, Xavier Yvon and Frédéric Fiyu, L’Express senior reporter and technologist, explain to us the role of the American giant with Ukraine in combating the numerous Russian cyberattacks on its infrastructure.

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Team: Charlotte Baris (screenwriter), Xavier Yvon (presentation), Matthias Pengilli (editing) and Jules Crot (directing).

Music and design: Emmanuel Hershon/Studio Torrent


Logo: Anne-Laure Chapelin/Benjamin Chazal.

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Frederic Fiyu: Excuse me, Xavier, am I disturbing you?

Xavier Yvon: Not at all, Frederick, please come in. Enter!

Frederic Fiyu: No need, thanks, I was just going to tell you that I’m leaving for the United States tomorrow… I’m going to Seattle at Microsoft and I think I’ll learn things there that you might be interested in for an episode of La Lupa

Xavier Yvon: Oh yeah ? Are you about to discover new artificial intelligence software? Or talk about the problems of technology at the moment?

Frederic Fiyu: Not at all… I’m going there to speak in Ukraine!

Xavier Yvon: Okay… you have to explain to me.

Frederic Fiyu: In October, I interviewed a former Israeli cyber spy. And in the course of the conversation, he told me about the transformation of cyberattacks, the relationship between the state and private companies, and first of all he told me: “You should look at Microsoft and Ukraine” …

It’s a small suggestion, you can imagine that she challenged me, so I contacted Microsoft. And besides agreeing to talk about it, I was directly told to come to the headquarters, to meet with the person who is in charge of the security of Ukraine and part of his team.

Xavier Yvon: Oh yeah. I immediately mark this topic on our list of next podcasts, and then when you get back, do you come to the studio to tell us all about it?

Frederic Fiyu: With pleasure !

Xavier Yvon: Have a good trip !

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