Podcast: Industry: First User of 5G

Emmanuel Routier leads the Smart Industries strategic program, which aims to support industries in their digital transformation. Industry 4.0 is built on enhanced connectivity and very low latency. This has been made possible by 5G deployed through private networks. A 5G private network or private 5G is a local and wireless network with bandwidth and infrastructure designed for a specific use and group of users. All the benefits of enhanced security. The goal is to use the data to improve the productivity of the production chain, reduce breakdowns, or even keep personnel on site safe.

Digitization at the service of industrial value chains

It goes without saying that digital transformation is also affecting the industry. It is even forced to do so in order to face new challenges such as the effects of the pandemic (logistic disruptions, lack of experience, etc.), geopolitics (data sovereignty), and sustainable growth. But it also finds many benefits, if only in performance improvements. A 2021 IFOP study for Orange Business Services and Siemens shows that 71% of managers surveyed (manufacturing leaders in France) believe digitalization is having a positive impact on their business.

In addition, this dynamism is stimulated by projects funded by governments or supported by the EU recovery plan, as industry is a strong and strategic axis, especially in the fight against climate change. All eyes in particular are on 5G, as Philip Herbert, President of the Industrial 5G Mission, explained in the editorial of his mission report: “For industry, 5G is a new technology that supports the digitization of industrial processes. This deep evolution of the industrial world […] corresponds to the force and mass of data throughout the life of a product, from its design to its production, its logistics, its maintenance and even its processing. The report goes on to say: “The value of 5G to the industry […] lies in the use and applications to be developed due to the characteristics and performance of 5G networks. I mean, what are the stakes!

Private mobile networks and 5G are the cornerstone of industry digital transformation

Between 2023 and 2025, between 25% and 40% of SMBs could be served by these private mobile networks, according to GSMA Intelligence. And it is not for nothing that we believe that once deployed, these private mobile networks are the basis for the implementation of digitalization of production processes.

With its networking and data value chain prowess, Orange Business Services is able to meet the expectations of industries regardless of their activity, both in terms of collecting and storing, and processing and analyzing customized data. At the same time, given that industrial company data is often critical, Orange Business Services is acting as a cybersecurity leader to drive digital transformation in complete security.

In this way, smart industries will be able to develop a predictive approach to managing equipment, whether it be failure detection or maintenance, upstream. To increase productivity as well as to improve the safety of personnel on site.

Data, pillars of the digital transition of companies

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