Podcast: Migration to the cloud is a strategic move for companies

Frank Morales is a Secure Digital Transformation Expert at Orange Business Services. He leads a program responsible for efficient and secure infrastructure solutions designed to transform businesses. “In ten years, the data will probably no longer be available on the server or in the data center, but only in the cloud,” he says. So the challenge for companies is to succeed in this transformation!

Cloud trend is accelerating

Cloud computing is everywhere now. 92% of companies in France claim to have adopted cloud computing (link: According to a study by Forrester, an analytics company, 78% say they use a hybrid cloud, and 75% say they use several public clouds, mostly based on American technologies.

The cloud is essentially an asset for companies that have to deal with new ways of working and digital transformation in general. But the transition to a cloud organization must be well prepared, especially since each company has its own needs and characteristics.

In general, the problems are related to security, data privacy and application protection. Data access (therefore infrastructure) and of course user experience are also key. Because let’s not forget that the goal is to allow customers to access their services and their data more quickly, in an enhanced manner and in total security.

Individual migration guaranteeing success

For Orange Business Services, when it comes to responding to a cloud migration request, the goal is to ensure that data is transported, stored and secure around the world and thus guarantees employees the best possible user experience. There are also services to support companies in their quest to develop their business model. The key to better customer satisfaction and greater growth. This includes experience with the cloud, connectivity, and security, as well as support throughout the process and beyond.

According to Frank Morales, “This ability to intervene in both network and data, combined with consulting experience, allows companies to be a strategic partner to grow their operations by offering a streamlined and secure user experience. »

The advisory role is an important first step for companies. Implementing a company-specific infrastructure strategy is the first step to a successful migration. This will ensure the reliability of the digital platform, the continuity of operations and guarantees quality customer service.

The second pillar, which is the strength of Orange Business Services solutions, of course, is the global dimension of its network, which provides access to customer applications, regardless of the connection location, and this is completely secure. Thus, the infrastructure is under control. Orange Business Services also relies on its security publisher partners to provide the best security services.

Finally, because technology is constantly changing to stay competitive, businesses must look to the future as they move to the cloud. To answer this, Orange Business Services offers fault-tolerant applications that can evolve with the needs of the company.

Data, pillars of the digital transition of companies

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