PODCAST. Pensions: past mobilizations – a role model to defeat reform?

In this episode of Loupes, Xavier Yvon wonders what is the “good recipe” for winning a street fight by immersing himself in the social movements of the past, with Étienne Girard, head of service for the company L’Express, and Paul Cholet, a political journalist.

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Team: Xavier Yvon (presentation), Charlotte Bari (screenplay), Matthias Pengilli (editing), Jules Crot (directing) and Marion Galard (work-study).

Credits: France 3, France Info, France Inter, INA, Le Parisien, Public Senate

Music and design: Emmanuel Hershon/Studio Torrent

Image credit: Zakaria Abdelkafi/AFP

Logo: Anne-Laure Chapelin/Benjamin Chazal.

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Xavier Yvon: That’s it, March 7th. You’ve heard about this date for weeks now, circled in red on the union calendar. On this day, they hope to launch a mobilization against pension reform.

From the very beginning at La Loupe, we have tried to give you answers to the questions raised in this debate: were there other ways than raising the legal departure age? Why does the government go through the text of the budget? Why is the squabble on the side of the deputies, but the calm is on the side of the trade unions?

While nothing has forced the government to back down for the moment, today is a good day to explore the question unions would like an answer to: what needs to be done to change the trend and that the executive is abandoning its pension reform. ?

In this episode, you are given the ingredients needed for the “mayonnaise” of mobilization… the ingredients contained in the recipe for moves that have won street battles in the past. The list of these components is not very complicated, but, as with mayonnaise, you will have to master everything.

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