PODCAST. The genes of our ancestors in the service of modern medicine

In this new edition of The Loupe, Xavier Yvon explores the connection between DNA and our immune system with Bruno Cot, Chief Science Editor of L’Express, and Luis Quintana-Mursi, Population Geneticist and Professor at the Pasteur Institute. Institute and the College de France.

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Team: Charlotte Baris (screenwriter), Xavier Yvon (presentation), Matthias Pengilli (editing) and Jules Crot (directing).

Music and design: Emmanuel Hershon/Studio Torrent

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How to listen to a podcast? Follow the leader.

Xavier Yvon : Often when we open our filing cabinet to put it away, we play a little game with the La Loupe team. We describe the series, and the winner is the one who first finds what kind of podcast it is … So I decided that today we will solve this riddle together … Let’s see how long it takes you to find the series that I will briefly outline for you. …

In the atmosphere of Indiana Jones, Bruno Cot, head of science at L’Express, introduced us to paleogenetics. A discipline that studies the DNA of our distant ancestors to shed light on human history. By reading the bone fragments, we learned, for example, that the Neanderthal was not necessarily like what archeology has taught us…

So did you find it? The episode was titled “Skeleton Surprise” and is dated November 2021…

Bruno also told us how paleogenetics shed light on the waves of migration in Europe and therefore on our origins…

Bruno Kot : In addition to 2% of Neanderthal DNA sequences. Otherwise, we are fully sapiens and have sequences from Paleolithic hunter-gatherers at 8%. Almost 60% come from farmers who came from the fertile crescent characteristic of the Neolithic era, and about 30 to 40% (as it depends) from a people completely unknown to us, whom we have not seen passing by, called pits, in the truest sense of the word . from the steppes of the Northern Black Sea region.

Xavier Yvon : Then we discussed some of the applications of paleogenetics together. For example, to question racist or sexist prejudices, or even better understand the spread of Covid… If this intrigues you, the best thing to do is go and listen to this episode in its entirety…

Because today we are going to use all of our knowledge of paleogenetics to focus on our immune system.

How do the genes of our ancestors still influence our daily health? And how could researchers use it to treat us in the future, for example by cutting our DNA…

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