Podcast: When the virtual customer experience goes beyond the real!

Serge Schertzer is a Customer Experience Expert at Orange Business Services. His role is to help companies reshape their customer relationships in the context of accelerated digital transformation. Indeed, technological developments, as well as the pandemic, have revolutionized the ways and channels of interaction between companies and their customers. In terms of market sectors, Serge Scherzer believes that in two years this change represents a leap forward equivalent to the previous seven years.

Today, sales can no longer be carried out only in stores, they have spread to the telephone and the Internet. Therefore, it is necessary to completely rethink your relationship with customers and embrace new virtual models. To do this, Orange Business Services supports enterprises and helps them use the available data. “The challenge is to reproduce online and over the phone what is offered in the store! »

Strategic objective of omnichannel customer experience

During the pandemic, consumers and brands have had to change their habits. They turned to dematerialized sales channels: online sales, chat, telephone… It is estimated that more than half of sales today are online or by telephone. The 2020 Customer Services Observatory also found that 44% of consumers contacted customer support through new communication channels.

After an earthquake and an immediate response, it becomes necessary to consolidate deployed multi-channel strategies in order to achieve effective customer relationships, regardless of the mode and location of these relationships. Indeed, brand loyalty is based on consumer experience, which is why it remains crucial in stores and online, especially in the age of social media.

Remember that today contact with the buyer can be made through many channels: on social networks (Facebook store, Messenger, etc.), by phone with VoIP telephony in particular, through chat bots or a voice version with voice bots (exchange with teleconsultant thanks to pre-recorded suggestions) or even with frequently asked questions. The good news is that all of these channels also generate data that, when used properly, is a gold mine for understanding consumers and, in turn, tailoring their strategy in terms of customer relationships.

Base your new customer relationships on data

By collecting and, above all, analyzing all the data generated from customer relationships online or in store, brands and companies can understand their customers more accurately and thus tailor their response, offer innovative services in line with customer expectations, and even get ahead. Data feedback can come from phone conversations, recorded and automatically processed, from a customer journey on a sales site (cart abandonment, returns, refunds, etc.) or even from web browsing tracking.

Orange Business Services offers support to its customers and provides them with both its operator experience and numerous digital services. “Our great strength is that we are the only ones who are both an operator and a digital services company. This allows us, on the one hand, to advise and implement the best solutions for real multi-channel relationships: chat, email, phone, social networks… And on the other hand, to offer real expertise in terms of operation and data analysis. . » rejoices Serge Scherzer.

Data, pillars of the digital transition of companies

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