Pogba vs Pogba: marabout, extortion and fratricidal war – Jeune Afrique

The great unboxing we’ve been seeing over the course of several days at the Pogba family could surely inspire one of these documentaries about the infamous miscellaneous facts that streaming platforms make their honey.

Saturday 27 August, an evening a priori, like any other on the football planet, until them The European Championships are going well, Matthias Pogba (32), older brother of Paul (30), publishes a video in which he promises “great revelations” about his youngest child, as well as Rafael Piment, the latter’s lawyer. , promising to say “very important things about Kylian Mbappe.”


The Pogba case: threats, looting and machine guns

Complaint filed

If the attack seems out of nowhere, Pogba’s lawyers aren’t surprised. “This is in addition to threats and organized extortion attempts against Paul Pogba. Competent authorities of Italy and France summer seizures. »

In a word, the midfielder of the French team (91 rebounds) filed a complaint that would motivate the spectacular exit of Matias. Paul Pogba reportedly told French investigators that he was caught by childhood friends in March last year, accompanied by two hooded men armed with machine guns. This tight-knit group would demand a modest €13m for services rendered in recent years, and even went so far as to recently threaten him at Juventus’ training center in Turin. Problem: Midfielder would recognize Matias among them suspects.

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