POISON CONTROL, there’s hell for all girls on PS4 and Switch [Actus Jeux Vidéo] Freakin Geek

In Poison Control, following a strange phenomenon, Hell has reserved a swamp for all the girls according to their thoughts. Ayumi Mori which reduces reality to ashes, Mahoro Hiiragi who died without being able to keep the promise made to a friend, Yoshie Nanasaku victim of a curse and Misao mizuki who loves erotic literature. There is only Poisonette and her amnesiac soul mate whose body she has squatted who can purify these “Belles de l’Enfer” and help them escape but Kleshas, deformed creatures from these toxic quagmires, will not make it easy for them. What obscure secrets about themselves and this poisonous world will they be able to discover during their journey?

Poison Control is an action RPG of territory conquest. You can switch between Poisonette which absorbs the poison produced by Beautiful and his Soul mate whose gender you can choose and who with his gun will be able to hunt creatures with his poison bullets. As the game progresses, you will be able to unlock a varied arsenal by regaining control of areas and improving the abilities of Poisonette by having an open-hearted conversation with her. There will be five zones in all to cross in the game. They will end each time with a final fight against a Naga which keeps the passage from one to the other. You will then earn a sticker, once the five have been collected, the way to Paradise will finally be open to you.

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