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Synopsis: About a year after facing Riot, Eddie Brock still “cohabits” with the Venom symbiote. Eddie tries to revive his career as an investigative journalist. He then goes to jail to interview serial killer Cletus Kasady. He does not know that the latter is also the host of a symbiote, Carnage.


When we talk about a supervillain movie, the crucial question is to make the character pleasant enough to create empathy in the viewer, but not too much to keep the character in his villain face. If the DC team appears to be reaching a certain degree of maturity with its recent Suicide squad and jesterIt is clear that on the Marvel side, we are still in infancy. Could have given dead Pool and the first Poison, whose very interesting first part was completely obscured by its ending where the character became a hero like the others, in the same vein as the Suicide squad. Even the villain, played by Riz Ahmed, went from an interesting mischievous Elon Musk decal to a supervillain cartoon in the end. But when the king of motion capture and the unforgettable Gollum Andy Serkis was announced in the making of the sequel, many saw him as a beacon of hope for the franchise, whose second episode would feature the iconic character of Carnage. I might as well say it right away: all hope is lost when the movie is released. We have rarely seen worse things in the entire superhero universe of cinema. In fact, this second movie Poison not even to be classified in the superhero registry. If we stick to its first half, we can definitely talk about a romantic comedy, since the relationship between Eddie and Venom is reminiscent of the worst episodes of Household scenes.

Poison Let there be carnage1

Poison Let there be carnage1

This alone might be enough to upset fans of the symbiote, as the film strives to methodically destroy all of its disturbing aura. This orderly extermination culminates in the iconic and shameful nightclub scene, where Venom does something of a “coming out of the closet” and laments the rejection of his “friend” Eddie, playing with an uninhibited cynicism in the codes. on a subject that is not superheroic. Throughout the film, which has the courtesy to only last an hour and a half, the disputes between Venom and Eddie will gradually regress the character to the mentality of a 5-year-old, who will have to be convinced to stop sulking. . to beat the bad guys.

In the role of the villains, there is first Woody Harrelson, briefly introduced in the credits of the first Poison, and chosen in an echo of his performance in Natural Born Killers. But how far is the direction from Oliver Stone! Harrelson is in constant cloudiness, wearing a Cletus Kasady that no one can believe, capable of the worst atrocities and then daring in the end with the worn-out cliché of “All I was looking for was friends.” Either because of their look or their wigs, from the first glance the character loses every last drop of charisma and credibility.

Poison Let there be carnage1

Poison Let there be carnage1

One of the few scenes that works in the film is his death sentence, moments after receiving part of Eddie’s symbiote. Carnage is revealed in a scene that has terrible potential. But from the close-up of the character, we find ourselves more faced with an indigestible mass of digital effects than an iconic villain. The tornado in which it moves, reminiscent of The mask, ends with all hope of seeing the character treated properly.

At his side, we find his love for youth, the mutant Shriek, played by an absent or too present Naomie Harris. Gifted with an interesting “super-scream” power, however, he will be confined to the side kick role, obviously since his super power prevents the symbiotes from leaving. However, it is still more shocking than Michelle Williams, who is to the film what Toad is to the world of Super-Mario, that is, a simple trap door. Accompanied by the cop played by Stephen Graham, she’s only there to chase Eddie Brock, bring him information, or serve as a damsel in distress in the final scene at church. There too, the décor might give hope for a stylish ending, but only a few stealth shots will make an impact.

One could think of facing a real nanar since the communication around the film wanted to sell its quality. But it’s impossible not to see the cynicism emerge from this franchise, right down to its post-credits scene, which darkens the hopes that the end of the year could bring to Marvel. A film that pays for talents such as Robert Richardson, cinematographer of the best films of Stone, Tarantino and Scorsese, or Marco Beltrami, composer of the four ScreamAnd yet he misses everything he undertakes, from start to finish. We came to lament the poison of Topher Grace …

Theotime Roux

  • Theatrical release: October 20, 2021
  • Director: Andy Serkis
  • Avec: Tom Hardy, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris, Stephen Graham, Reid Scott, Peggy Lu, Sian Webber, Little Simz, Scroobius Pip …
  • Script: Kelly Marcel and Tom Hardy
  • Production: Avi Arad, Amy Pascal and Matt Tolmach
  • Photography: Robert Richardson
  • Editing: Maryann Brandon and Stan Salfas
  • Decoration: Oliver Scholl
  • Costumes: Marco Scotti and Joanna Eatwell
  • Music: Marco Beltrami
  • Distribution: Sony Pictures
  • Duration: 1h37

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