Pokémon GO, Reshiram: How to beat it and capture it in raids? Our guide

A new Legendary arrives on Pokémon GO from Tuesday May 26: Reshiram. And believe us, you don’t want to miss out! A few days ago, we devoted a complete article dedicated to his analysis and it turns out that Réshiram will establish itself as the best Fire type attacker in the game. Here is our capture guide dedicated to Réshiram. You will find his best cons but also a lot of other tips to facilitate your fight!

  • Reshiram is only available in level 5 raids. Try to capture it with the weather condition Sunny or Windy : it will be harder to beat but stronger once you get it.
  • Reshiram at level 20 with no weather boost between 2217 and 2307 PC. With the weather boost, at level 25, he between 2771 and 2884 PC. The higher you are, the more your Pokémon will have good IVs!
  • In terms of statistics, remember that Reshiram is a monster of power, mainly focused on attack. We talk about it in more detail in the article we quote in the introduction, but believe us when we say that it is neither more nor less than the best representative of the Fire type.

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Since Reshiram is a Fire and Dragon type, it is weak at Dragon, Sol and Roche types. Here, in order, are the best Reshiram oppositions. This list was generated using a combat simulator, so it is very reliable. It is based on the damage that your Pokémon will be able to inflict but also their resistance against the attacks of Réshiram (which we will detail later).

Pokémon GO, Reshiram: How to beat it and capture it in raids? Our guide

Dialga will almost always be the best option (unless you come across a Reshiram with only Fire attacks). The others, although generally the best, are almost all Dragon and can therefore find themselves in trouble if you have to face a Reshiram with one or even two attacks of the Dragon type (which is Super Effective on itself, remember it). Analyzing the Reshiram that you have in front of you is therefore super important before being sure of the composition of your team. Faced with a Reshiram focused on the Dragon type, it will rather be necessary foresee rock or soil type attackers such as Charkos, Rhinastoc, Terrakium, Groudon, Tyranocif, Minotaupe

About Reshiram’s attacks

Reshiram has access to two quick attacks : Draco-Souffle (Dragon) and Crocs Feu (Fire). He can own 4 charged attacks of three different types : Draco-Meteor (Dragon), Overheating (Fire), Blade of Rock (Rock) and Mâchouille (Darkness).

We just said, facing a Dragon attack duo, go to the Roche and Sol counters. The Reshiram you are looking for the most is the one with Crocs Fire and Overheating because it is the best Fire Pokémon in the game and your Dragon type Pokémon will have no problem destroying it. Also pay attention to Lame de Roc which can do big damage on the Flight type of Rayquaza or Drattak for example.

Pokémon GO, Reshiram: How to beat it and capture it in raids? Our guide

Number of players advised according to your level of trainer

According to the simulator we used, it is technically possible to beat Reshiram as a duo without weather boost and with perfect Dialga. But don’t risk it, that would be silly. Even with 3 or 4 high level players the fight will be really complicated. We recommend that you come to at least 5. And if you are not at level 40, it may take even 10 people to bring down this monster. Good luck !

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