Pokémon Sword / Shield: the lonely island of armor, first steps on this new DLC

This is a small event for the Pokémon saga: the Sword and Shield episodes will soon be entitled to a DLC, a first for the series! The lonely armor island was presented on video on June 2, but we also got to know the first minutes of the game during a presentation by the Pokémon Company. What to know a little more about it now a few days after its release.

For health crisis, this presentation was for once entirely remote. So we could not put our hands on this additional content, divided into two sequences: a first block of gameplay without any break of thirty minutes, followed by a free session to explore the island of about ten minutes.

Note first that it will apparently be possible to access this DLC as soon as you wish as long as you have at least reached the first wilderness area in the main adventure. The arrival on the island is done through the famous flying taxis. The Game Freak team has also raised the fact that Isolarmure, that’s its name, is inspired by the true Isle of Man located between Ireland and England. It is, however, here in the north-east of the island of Galar, which is as a reminder freely inspired by the island of Great Britain, but offers an inverted version vis-à-vis the original map.

Just landed on the island, you will be greeted by Sophora (sword version) or Saturnin (shield version), two characters that you may have had the opportunity to briefly meet following an update of Pokémon Sword and Shield, and which specialize in poison-type Pokémon. The demo presented here took place on the sword version, so we crossed paths with Sophora. Just arrived, our main character must also get rid of it in a fight that allowed us to discover the Flagadoss of Galar and its double poison / shrink type.

Pokémon Sword / Shield: the lonely island of armor, first steps on this new DLCPokémon Sword / Shield: the lonely island of armor, first steps on this new DLC

The confrontation ended, our hero collects a style card unlocking in shops what we imagine to be the new outfits of the DLC, before going to a surrounding dojo. He crosses paths with the start of a side quest: an Alola molehunter hidden underground and of which only a small blond wick protrudes. There are obviously several on the island, which a count tells you each time you come across one, and finding them all should give you a reward.

The scenario of this DLC revolves around a main dojo and a different approach to the arenas: once arrived at the nearby dojo, your avatar quickly meets Mustar, the former mentor of Tarak. Dressed in a new outfit and an Exp Charm. (which gives more experience to the equipped Pokémon), the main character inherits three missions. The first consists in catching up with Ramoloss who have just stolen Sophora’s outfit: these Ramarosses from Galar, however, have one particularity, that of being much faster than their “classic” counterparts. After improving your Moticyclette to make it faster, you will have to try to catch them by cutting them off in the surrounding lands in order to start a confrontation, defeat them, and finish the test.

In view of the more open style of the environments (to which we return below), it is possible that this DLC is moving towards more mini-tests of this type, sometimes coupled with fights. Ultimately, the player will have to choose between two towers visible on the island: that of darkness or that of water. A choice that he will have to make in the company of Wushours, a new legendary Pokémon that we briefly saw and who will join us during the adventure. Asked about the nature of the two towers, the presenters of the Pokémon Company confirmed that these are not classic combat towers but that you will be entitled to tests within them, without obviously wanting to specify which ones for the moment.

Pokémon Sword / Shield: the lonely island of armor, first steps on this new DLC

The region of Galar certainly included larger and open wild lands, but it retained a linear framework with many much more interventionist environments. This is not the case with this DLC, since the whole of the island adopts the model of a single wilderness in its own right, allowing you to roam around freely. The people from the Pokémon Company providing the presentation confirmed to us that apart from a few indoor environments (such as a local dojo), the area was well thought of as completely open.

Pokémon Sword / Shield: the lonely island of armor, first steps on this new DLC

Without seeming immense, the island still offers some varied biomes, like a desert, a cave, cliffs offering beautiful landscapes, as well as access to part of the sea and therefore the islets that surround Isolarmure. Via your Moticyclette, it will even be possible to go to a Wailmer seen from the shore and which was floating while enjoying the air of the open sea. A structure which can favor the emergence of new mini-tests changing from the usual combat / exploration cycle, but which we will obviously have to explore by ourselves before knowing the quality.

The Lonely Isle of Armor, the first DLC for Pokémon Sword & Shield, is released on June 17 on Nintendo Switch.

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