Pokémon Unite, learn to play: our guide to the Japanese demo

News tip Pokémon Unite, learn to play: our guide to the Japanese demo

Pokémon Unite has just been released for a short time on the Japanese eShop. How to play it right now on your Nintendo Switch? What does the game consist of? How to win your first games? All of these questions and more are answered in our very first Pokémon MOBA guide!

The manipulation is not very complicated but it takes a bit long to detail. For the sake of clarity, we have drafted for you a complete guide entirely dedicated to this question. The idea is simply to create a Japanese Nintendo account to access a new eShop.

We warn you right away: the servers are in Japan so, even with a very good connection, it is very likely that you have ping issues and therefore latency. Second disclaimer: the game is entirely in Japanese. We would like to tell you how to change the language so that we can now play Pokémon Unite in French or in English, but for the moment it is impossible (let’s be clear, it’s not that we have not found the option in the settings, it just does not exist yet).

What is Pokémon Unite? The basics of the game

When you arrive on Pokémon Unite, you will be entitled to a tutorial … entirely in Japanese. If you don’t speak Eichiro Oda’s language, we’ll give you a review.

Pokémon Unite is a MOBA, the same kind of game as the famous League of Legends or Dota 2 for example. Ultra popular franchise requires, the game is obviously much easier to learn than its big brothers ultra “sports”. The games only last 10 minutes, there are no items etc. That being said, Pokémon Unite remains a completely online, strategic, demanding and very competitive game.

What does the Pokémon Unite map look like?

Two teams of 5 players Each embodying a Pokémon compete in an oval arena. At each end of this oval, we find the base from one of the two teams. Yours is in blue, on the far left. That of your opponents is in orange, on the far right. It is on these bases that we respawn after being killed.

Pokémon Unite, learn to play: our guide to the Japanese demo

The bases meet thanks to two roads (in the jargon, we call them “lanes”), one in the north and one in the south. On each of the lanes, we find 4 rounds : two for each team (in the screenshot above, we only see one turn per team. This is normal. It was taken during the test game which is played in 5 minutes, on a map scaled down). These towers all have 100 base HP and the goal of each team is to destroy the opposing towers.

To score points, you have to successfully insert Pokéballs into towers. One ball = one less VP on the tower = one point for your team. The winning team is the one which eliminated all the opposing rounds first or which has the most points at the end of the allotted time.

Ok but how do you earn Pokéballs? We win Pokéballs by killing his opponents (we steal 10) and eliminating the different NPC Pokémon on the map. The weakest, like the Capumain, give only 2 balls. The strongest, like the Tauros, can give up to 10. As on other MOBAs, if you want to recover a resource, you have to do what is called a “last hit”, that is to say give the last hit to creatures you attack.

Pokémon Unite, learn to play: our guide to the Japanese demoPokémon Unite, learn to play: our guide to the Japanese demo

Be careful, unlike LoL, the towers do not attack: they heal. If your life bar is low, you have to either do kills or go under one of your towers. Likewise, don’t attack an opponent under their tower one-on-one, you don’t stand a chance. If you have Pokéballs to complete, wait until the way is clear. It may take a long time, but prudence is a skill that distinguishes good and bad players, much more reckless.

Attack and evolve on Pokémon Unite: all the strategic bases

Okay, now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s go into a bit of detail. At the start of the game, your Pokémon is at level 1, at its first stage of evolution (except Pikachu, which always remains a Pikachu regardless of its level). There you only have one ability apart from your basic attack. Over the levels, you will automatically evolve and gain new skills. Note that after a while, it is possible to switch between several attacks. How to level up you will tell me? Experience is gained by doing kills and “assists”, ie by killing an opponent (or an NPC) and helping an ally to kill an opponent.

Pokémon Unite, learn to play: our guide to the Japanese demoPokémon Unite, learn to play: our guide to the Japanese demo

Our tips for getting started on Pokémon Unite

  • Remember to check out our full Pokédex in which we give you the stats of all playable Pokémon as well as all our advice on how to master them. It’s still better than trying to decipher Japanese stats in game. Your goal is to try to form the most balanced team of 5 possible.
  • Learn the range and cooldown of your attacks by heart. In the action, we do not have time to apply to aim and we end up clicking frantically on the attack keys. If you trigger an ability while the enemy is out of range, you are dead.
  • Don’t be stingy! Except for the “ulti”, attack cooldowns last less than 10 seconds. It often turns out to be very profitable to use your most powerful abilities on … NPCs.
  • In combat, there is aim assist that will direct all your shots to the nearest enemy. However, it can be useful to aim with the right stick when you launch an area attack or want to use an ability to flee (Grenousse cloning for example).
  • We have already said it, Be careful) ! Not to die is more important than to kill. Don’t hesitate to go back if your life is low.
  • Aim at NPCs rather than opponents, especially at the start of the game. Go in the middle and on the edges of the stadium, the idea is to armor yourself with XP and Balls as quickly as possible, not to rush into battle and stupidly risk death.
  • Keep an eye on the map, it is common for an opposing tower to find itself defenseless. It’s time to go slide your balls! That being said, if you see a crowd of allies pushing on a lane, join them: there is strength in unity.
  • The ideal is to organize oneself to be able to playing with friends while talking to them (on Discord or elsewhere). In addition to being more efficient, you will have a lot more fun!

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