Pokemon Unite will be released on September 22 on Android and iOS

The Pokemon Company has confirmed that its mobile game Pokemon Unite will be distributed on Android and iOS from September 22. It’s been available on Switch since July.

As a reminder, Pokemon Unite is a game free-to-start with the possibility of purchasing additional content. It was developed by Chinese studio TiMi Studio Group, a division of Tencent Games. Here is more information provided by the publisher.

Form teams to level up your Pokemon, watch them evolve and compete against others in the very first Pokemon Strategy Team Fighting game. This strategic team-fighting game offers a never-before-seen type of five-on-five Pokemon combat.

Before the fight, you must choose a Pokemon. Each Pokemon has strengths and weaknesses. During each fight, Pokemon progress at a considerable speed and even go so far as to evolve temporarily. You can then select what abilities your Pokemon will potentially learn in battle, as well as an item to be held.

As the fight progresses, Pokemon level up and learn several new abilities. Practice to find out which abilities are best suited to your playstyle. To maximize your Pokemon’s potential, you can make it hold up to three objects. There are 15 types of required items: it’s up to you to find the best combination to complement your Pokemon’s abilities.

In addition, you can strengthen your Pokemon with combat items. During the fight, each team must knock out wild Pokemon or enemy Pokemon and collect theAeos energy (Æos energy) that they drop. The goal is then to deposit this energy in one of the goal zones (objectives) of the opposing team to win points for the allied team. At the end of the fight, the team that has scored the most points is declared the winner.

Collaborate with your team to earn points and defend your goals to limit the opposing team’s chances of scoring. The more battles you participate in in Pokemon Unite, the more in-game rewards you will earn that give you access to more Pokemon, Clothing, and Holowear. You will also be able to unlock Pokemon and purchase items with real money.

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