Police control in Mons: cannabis, money and LSD seized

During one of these patrols, the Mons Quevy Police Area Bicycle Brigade discovered suspicious activity in Mons Park Square and carried out an inspection. The suspect has confessed to selling drugs, and a patrol is called in to search the home of the person concerned. In total, 100 g of marijuana, 647 euros in small denominations and 17 LSD tablets were seized.

At the direction of the public prosecutor’s office, the Investigations and Investigations Division of the Mons-Kevy Police Station interrogated the author, who was then released pending completion of the investigation.

Regular checks

“This cross-functional work of our police and judicial services demonstrates the importance attached to the fight against drug trafficking, a priority area of ​​action included in our 2020-2025 area security plan,” the Mons police zone clarifies. During patrols, checks are regularly made to discourage illegal and unsafe behavior in public areas.

Following the end of the Dudu festivities, police officers Monsa and Kevi conducted additional security operations to curb disturbing behavior in the area and in particular drug trafficking activities.


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