Police seize 4 kg of marijuana after chase in Bron

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The man was arrested after a chase on the streets of Bron. He had about four kilograms of marijuana.

The facts happened this Wednesday, March 8, at about one in the morning in Bron in the metropolis of Lyon. A police patrol spots a man driving dangerously with a flat tire, Lyonmag reports. They then decide to control him, but the man immediately runs away.

Wanted in another case

A chase ensued on the streets of Bron before the man crashed into a parked car. The man fled on foot, leaving the car, but taking with him a bag, which he eventually dropped while running.

As a result, he was found in the bushes. Wounded during the escape, the man was taken to the hospital and later placed in police custody. The man was wanted on another case, he was also driving without a driver’s license.

Nearly four kilograms of hemp resin and one hundred grams of grass were found.

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