Politicians, individuals, journalists … Under threat, they live under constant supervision.

Nowadays, even the forces of nature may need a good escort. Over a year ago that Willie Schraen, the imposing president of the National Federation of Hunters, was placed under the watch of the gendarmes. His home in his home village of Flanders is under patrol. “I don’t need a bodyguard. They told me: “At your own peril and risk.” But my family needed to be protected. “– confesses the one who became the bête noire among the ultras against the hunt.

Hundreds of insults and anonymous intimidation began to pour in after a video broadcast on and broadcast by journalist Hugo Clement: We see Willie Schraen, a tireless hunting lobbyist promoting the capture of stray cats. “More than 300 meters from any home” on the grounds that “A cat kills a lot more animals than hunters “A reminder of a French law that, taken out of context, triggered a harassment campaign on the Internet. “We’re going to find you, pull you like a rabbit, and let you die on the floor.” Be careful from now on. We will find you and your family “, we could read.

On the dark web Those who pay the bill were offered a reward of 5,000 euros. “All you have to do is read this and say, ‘I will do this’ … This is unimaginable violence. I live in stress “, – comments Willie Schraen, who filed hundreds of complaints against his stalkers. Cond

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