Poll: Crypto derivatives market experts believe Bitcoin (BTC) will bounce back above $65,000

More than half of the crypto derivatives industry expects a tougher approach from regulators around the world after the recent fall in crypto asset prices. And most of the experts polled claim that Bitcoin (BTC) will hit the threshold above $65,000 again, according to a report from market trading information provider Acuiti.

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Crypto Derivatives Management Insight’s Q3 2022 report includes an analysis of the impact of the recent cryptocurrency price crash, as well as industry views on regulation and its impact on market structure.

The research is based on the opinions of the Acuiti Cryptocurrency Derivatives Expert Network, an international group of senior executives from hedge funds, banks, brokers, asset managers and exchanges. The survey was conducted from June 30 to July 19.

The report indicates that about 59% of the network participants foresee tighter regulation, which will be the main medium and long-term effect of falling prices in the cryptocurrency market this year.

What do you think will be the main medium and long term consequences of the recent fall in cryptocurrency prices?

Source: Acuiti, Crypto Derivatives Governance Analyst Report, Q3 2022

Despite these predictions, industry confidence in bitcoin and the cryptocurrency’s potential to return to its peak price level seems unshakable due to the market drop seen this year, according to the Acuiti report.

“84% of respondents believe that bitcoin will rise above $65,000 again, but opinions differ on how long it will take,” the company said in a statement.

Will Bitcoin bounce back above $65,000?

Source: Acuiti, Crypto Derivatives Governance Analyst Report, Q3 2022

Separately, a third of the network predicted that BTC would fall to $15,000, the document said, noting that the survey was conducted before the price rally in early August.

What do you think will be the lowest point for BTC this year?

Source: Acuiti, Crypto Derivatives Governance Analyst Report, Q3 2022

Meanwhile, 50% of experts said the market will move closer to traditional global financial institutions, and 58% of industry representatives surveyed said they expect banks to play an important role in permissioned decentralized finance (“permissioned” DeFi). Only 3% indicated that this merger will happen in the pure DeFi sector.

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