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PS3 games

Alright everyone, we need your help. In a move that we haven’t stolen from our dearest friends at Nintendo Life at all, we’ve decided to rank the 50 best PlayStation 3 games. With Sony’s next-gen console closing its digital storefront in July, this seems like a good time to remember some of the best games in the system – and boy did he have any bangers.

The PS3 was a bit of a strange time for Sony. The Japanese giant was coming out of the back of the best-selling home console ever – the PS2 – and many would argue that the pride has skewed the company’s point of view. The early years of the PS3 were a wake-up call; The system’s unique CELL architecture made it a problematic piece of technology for third-party developers, and its infamous “US $ 599” price tag was enough to rattle consumers.

It took a few years for the PS3 to really achieve its goal. Kazuo Hirai led a major restructuring at Sony and PlayStation, and with that, the focus was on quality video games. This is where the generally remarkable efforts of Sony’s proprietary studios first came to light; the PS3 practically laid the groundwork for the immense popularity of the PS4 Exclusive Catalog.

But again, we’ll need your help to rate all of these PS3 games. All you have to do is rate your favorites using the poll below. All of the games included in the survey are pulled straight from the Push Square database, and it’s a long listing. As such, try using the “” feature at the top of the survey in order to find the games you like the most. You can also sort the games by popularity.

Or, you can just scroll through, noting all the games you recognize. If there are any games that we missed that you think are worth adding, let us know in the comments section.

Here’s how it works: When a game has a certain number of user ratings, it’s eligible to be included in our Top 50 PS3 Games list (which we’ll release later). Basically, we’re asking you to rate as many games as you want, and we’ll end up with a definitive PS3 roster, voted on by the Push Square community.

Now go out and get a grade!

Thanks for taking the Push Square Top 50 PS3 Games survey! Which PS3 games have you rated? Tell us about your favorites in the comments section below.

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