Science to equip its next generation of robot taxi with Luminar’s discreet lidar unveils its new autonomous vehicle equipped with Luminar Lidars. Its presentation, made on May 10, 2021, is an opportunity for the start-up to take stock of its progress.

Tests during 2022 aims to deploy fleets of autonomous vehicles equipped with Luminar Lidar and this with industrial production quality from 2023. A total of four Iris sensors will be integrated into the vehicle, according to The Verge, so that it has a 360 view. ° of its surroundings: two on the roof and two on the sides. This new vehicle will therefore have a less distinctive design than the others, since its roof line will have a slimmer profile with a sensor only protruding by ten centimeters. wants to test this next generation of autonomous vehicle from next year for commissioning with its customers in 2023. The young Sino-American company, founded in December 2016, raised $ 267 million at the end of the year. last year. A financial contribution which should help it to finance its R&D efforts and its experiments carried out in China and the United States.

More than 5 million kilometers traveled has partnered with Via and Hyundai to deploy a robot taxi service in the city of Irvine (California) and is also conducting trials in Fremont (California). The start-up has obtained authorization from the California authorities to conduct tests of autonomous vehicles without a security operator on board.

The start-up, which has a total fleet of 200 autonomous vehicles in circulation, has also deployed robot taxi services open to the public in China in the cities of Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. In total, the start-up has carried out more than 220,000 robot taxi rides and its autonomous vehicles have traveled more than 5 million kilometers over an area of ​​approximately 850 km².

The partnership with Luminar will help it expand its robot taxi service and continue its deployments. Luminar for its part, multiplies the announcements and works with Volvo, Mobileye, Daimler Trucks but also Airbus which will test its technology for autonomous flight projects.

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