Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3L, star of a video game TURBO report of 03/28/2021

TURBO broadcast – Report: Porsche 911 Turbo, 3.3l, a pure marvel of the 80s. And yet, with its original decoration, this Porsche is a star in 2077. Yes, it is the star of Cyberpunk 2077, the video game whose everyone talks. And this is no coincidence since it is the result of a collaboration between Porsche and CD Projekt Red, the studio that created the game.

Suddenly it is the hero’s car and we may be in the future it is almost identical to the original one, only the colors of the clan of Johny Silverhand, the character you play, change.

Yes, Porsche has taken the collaboration with Cyberpunk 2077 to the point of making a real model, and exclusively we are going to be behind the wheel. But we are also going to wonder about what pushed the German manufacturer of luxury and sports cars for super rich customers to reach an audience of gamers not really in the stereotypes of the brand.

Cyrberpunk 2077. THE game that makes the headlines: 8 years that players waited for it, a controversial launch but 13 million copies sold in just 10 days when it was launched a few weeks ago.

Taking place in a futuristic and sprawling megalopolis, it should be noted, cars still have an important place there. But if these are only imaginary models, only one car comes from the real world: the Porsche 911. And not even the last model to date, no, a 911 which is already 32 years old today, and which will have 89 years old in 2077.

But if it is usual to see Porsches in racing games like Forza Motorsport on XBOX or Gran Turismo on Playstation which are aimed in part at car enthusiasts, what the German brand is looking for in a more traditional video game whose players often do not even have the license yet.

And Porsche has been eyeing video game players for several years. Reaching an audience that is not yet adults or who do not yet have the means to buy a Porsche, a bet on the future which is at the heart of Porsche’s strategy and not only with video games.

One question remains: is that good old 911 Turbo really out of place in a game like Cyberpunk? You will understand, if it is not obvious at the start, it is rather clever on the part of Porsche to have placed its iconic model in Cyberpunk 2077, they come to touch your unconscious.

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