Porsche uses artificial intelligence to make its cars safer

Porsche has announced that it is using artificial intelligence to make its cars safer. The automaker is using two artificial intelligence techniques to make the sides of its vehicles safer in the event of an accident.

The company said it used a reinforcement learning agent to find the best option for a component, and then a neural network that significantly speeds up individual optimization loops. More information is available below.

They save lives discreetly: The two side skirts protect the occupants, for example, if the car runs off the road and crashes into a tree. In allelectric vehicles, they have another important task – to protect the highvoltage battery, which is located between the left and right side skirts and must not be excessively deformed in the event of an accident. Developers put an appropriate amount of work into optimizing the component’s crash behavior.

They have a clear idea of ​​the optimal behavior of the side skirt in a collision: the deformation (intrusion) should develop as steadily as possible without too many local fluctuations. This relationship between the external force at the time of the crash and the penetration of the side skirt can be represented by an ideal curve. The actual behavior of the component should be as close as possible to this ideal curve.

You can learn more about how Porsche is using artificial intelligence to make its cars safer at the link below.


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