Portugal is investigating the sale of classified NATO documents on the dark web

The Portuguese Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into a cyberattack on I’personnel of the armed forces, during which classified documents I’NATO were mined and put up for sale on dark web»said on Tuesday13 September) Prosecutor General’s Office.

Setting frominvestigation is confirmed. It is headed by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Main Directorate of Investigation and Prosecutor’s Office (GUSGP).»Lusa, a media partner, was informed about this by the Prosecutor General’s Office. fromEURACTIV.

According to the Portuguese newspaper Diário de Notícias, the government was briefed on the situation last week by US intelligence agencies via I’embassy in Lisbon. the message would have been made directly to Prime Minister António Coste.

The same newspaper mentioned that the case was being considered extremely serious». American cyber spies discovered for sale on dark webhundreds of documents sent I’NATO in Portugal, classified as “secret and confidential”.»

To I’Then the Ministry of Defense announced whatHe’s already been investigating all clues frompotential computer security breach» and referred to sensitivity» order not to comment on the message about the distribution of documents I’NATO.

The ministry said in a statement that the investigation was being conducted by the National Security Bureau. with which the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces are working closely.»

L’The main function of the National Security Administration is to guarantee the security of classified information within the national framework and in international organizations to which Portugal has joined». So she trains function fromauthority fromaccreditation of individuals or legal entities for I’access and processing of classified information».

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