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In order to regain the trust of your audience, mistakes should by no means be part of your post-image hybrid experiences. It is true that this event format is fairly new to the industry. You can even say that the first months for him will be only stages of testing. Unfortunately, participants who have spent so much time without a demonstration will not necessarily understand.

Anticipate errors in hybrid post-covid events to optimize your chances of success. Running your events live and virtual at the same time poses a greater risk of failure. But by accepting this new industry challenge, you are immersed in its very evolution. Get ready with our advice!

Among the common mistakes to avoid during hybrid post-image events is audience selection.

If you decide to run hybrid post-species events, don’t repeat the mistakes of the past. Avoid leaning towards one of the audiences. You must simultaneously learn who is physically present and who is following you from the screen. All participants must benefit from everything your event has to offer… This is the best way to prove your worth and ignite your commitment.

Not adapting hybrid events for post-covid: one of the mistakes to be foreseen early on

Changes in health and safety protocols first on your list. Moreover, any professional planner has already prepared for this since the arrival of the pandemic. Unless you’re planning new metrics for post-covid hybrid events, this will be one of the most costly mistakes for your project. Live participants will not be confident in themselves, and the state may sue you for non-compliance with the established rules. You won’t be allowed to hold events ahead of schedule from here.

Don’t invest in the right hybrid event software

Since you have decided to bet on hybrid events, in

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