Powerful PS5 Pro and new Xbox Series X confirmed?

They’re on everyone’s lips, according to TCL, mid-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft could hit the market very quickly.

After numerous rumors, it seems that the PS5 Pro and the new Xbox Series X / S are confirmed, if one of the actors in the middle is to be believed.

Generation Sony and Microsoft “9.5” are preparing

This time, the PPE site tells us that the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft were mentioned during the conference by the TCL team, an electronics and hardware specialist.

According to a journalist who was able to attend the conference (and take some pictures in the process), TCL, which should be well aware of the market, will appreciate that the PS5 Pro and the new Xbox series should be released to the market. by 2023/2024 The latter will carry new hardware and be able to display gameplay in 2160p (4K) resolution at 60 or 120 fps and even 8K.

In addition, the company says the consoles will feature the AMD RX 7700 XT GPU (or equivalent), the manufacturer’s next-generation hardware. Then really powerful machines.

Recall that AMD recently opened a set to strengthen their teams, the very ones that were already working on chips integrated into current consoles. Therefore, it may be that all this is not trivial.

However, we will still take this news with a pinch of salt, because even if we are dealing with professionals in this field, nothing can guarantee that the plans will go exactly as planned.

Whether it’s Microsoft or Sony, the two gaming monsters are already struggling to sell their current consoles properly, and there’s still a shortage in the industry. If it is obvious that such consoles are in development, nothing tells us, however, that they will be able to come out anytime soon. So wait and see.

PS5 Pro enhanced by Xbox Series X/S… are you excited?


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