Pre-alpha Pantheon Rise of the Fallen will be released on December 3rd.

Development of Pantheon Rise of the Fallen continues and the MMORPG will be unveiled in a new pre-alpha phase on December 3rd and 4th. If successful, a free livestream will be organized next week.

As we know, development on Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is progressing slowly, but progressing enough nonetheless to welcome testers into the MMORPG universe from time to time. We remember that at the beginning of October, the Visionary Realms studio gathered 500 testers on the territory to make sure that the servers could withstand the load – and they did. Thus, on December 3 and 4, the developer will repeat the experience for 24 hours: from Saturday, December 3, from 10:00 a.m. PST (19:00 Paris time) until the next day at the same time, participants will be able to go on an adventure . to the world of Terminus.

Thus, the developer intends to continue testing its infrastructure – in recent weeks, the studio has focused on optimizing the performance of the game both on the game client and at the network level. This new testing phase should allow the studio to make sure that these updates will pay off.
The developer also says they’ve been working on classes and combat, item management, adding unique quests and merchants, and adding a new dungeon that players can start exploring from level 5, in addition to various graphical improvements.

And if these tests are still very private (reserved for a few hundred testers), the Visionary Realms studio is planning a partnership with the streamer Cohh Carnage, who in turn can go to the gaming universe, the live broadcast time is free (not guided by the development team) in principle on Saturday, December 10, if the tests on December 3 and 4 prove convincing enough. Enough to begin to form the first concrete opinion about the content and current form of the Pantheon.

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