Premier League: Petition calls for ‘robot’ Haaland to be expelled

We’re not going to get tired of this. Arriving in the north of England this summer, Erling Haaland shines, impresses, is a hit. Norwegian giants Manchester City are also disgusting to fans of other teams. It was in this idea, and probably in the form of a tribute, that some fans created a petition on Wednesday night demanding nothing more and nothing less than his expulsion from the Premier League. Cause caused? “This is a robot, not a person,” one could read for several hours on the website of the British government.

Before being (unsurprisingly) removed from the platform, it managed to rack up about 2 million signatures and probably made as many people smile, if not more. A great opportunity for Peter Crouch, former Liverpool and England striker, to go there with his little joke too. “You just have to score fewer goals, that’s how I got away with it,” Crouch joked on Twitter, who was (among other things) known for his…robot dance.

Gullit: Haaland is almost a mixture of three players

Jokes aside, Erling Haaland was still at Wednesday night’s party in the Champions League, even if he was “satisfied” with a 45-minute double during the Citizen’s card against Copenhagen (5-0). Another impressive performance that earned Ruud Gullit this comment: “Haaland is almost a mixture of three players. Ibrahimovic, sometimes Mbappe’s speed because he’s incredibly fast and he also has both legs. He’s exceptional.”

If the current Dutch consultant and former Chelsea player between 1995 and 1998 is enthusiastic about Haaland, then obviously the same is true of his coach Pep Guardiola. “He has the talent to score two goals in 30 minutes. The first one he scores by touching the ball. The other one is an adventurer. He has incredible intuition,” the Catalan rejoiced at his striker with 19 goals in 11 meetings. The statistics are maddening, but perhaps the craziest part lies elsewhere: in these 11 meetings, Guardiola has released Haaland 7 times already (since Wednesday’s break). Opposition supporters may have to content themselves with this…

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