Preorder: Tales of Arise – Collector’s Edition on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and PC !!!! – Beware of out of stock!

That’s it ! Pre-orders for the Tales of Arise Collector’s Edition have just started. On the other hand, we warn you: it goes out of stock quickly. We saw it this afternoon with FNAC. So if you are a collector or fan of the Tales of license ….. go for it!

This collector’s version will contain:
– The game Tales of Arise
– a steelbook box
– An exclusive Diorama 18cm high representing Alphen and Shionne
– A 64-page artbook
– The 14-track soundtrack on CD

With a ton of more dematerialized content, containing:
– The premium travel pack
– Artifacts, objects
– The Adventurer’s Pack
– The premium item pack
– Artifacts, Items, Food and Gald
– The premium outfit pack
– 8 outfits and 6 accessories
– Collaboration outfit pack: 3 outfits
– School Life packs: 6 outfits
– The At the beach packs: 6 outfits
– The Warring States Pack: 6 outfits

And if you pre-order, there will also be a pre-order bonus:
– With customization elements for Alphen and Shionne
– accessories
– exclusive recipes

Official price: € 199.99

Available on :


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