Presented the original prototype of the Porsche Cayenne convertible

The Porsche Cayenne was first released back in 2002, and now the automaker has unveiled a new Porsche Cayenne convertible prototype that was never released.

Porsche is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Cayenne this year and now they have decided to unveil this Cayenne prototype.

Porsche Cayenne prototype

Surprisingly, what might have seemed like the least traditional option, a Cayennebased convertible with a length of about 4.8 meters, was not immediately thrown away, but actually built. Today, the Porsche Museum houses the only opentopped Cayenne. However, this is not a production prototype, but what is known as a batch functional model, or PFM for short. The designers removed the roof, but did without the measures necessary for the convertible to strengthen the body. Unable to provide safe and stable driving, the vehicle is transported to its destination when needed. Test runs were never planned as the PFM convertible was only built to evaluate four criteria.

Porsche Cayenne prototype

Are the seats comfortable throughout the car when the roof narrows towards the rear like a coupe and the windshield and Apillars shorten? How practical is the Cayenne as a twodoor model with 20cm longer doors? Is it possible to accommodate an elegant, highquality soft top, which can also be quickly folded? And how should the back be framed? In 2002, there was still controversy over the final issue, and two different rear sections were developed for the functional package model. The left tail light was mounted low on the rear of the car, while the right was noticeably taller.

Porsche Cayenne prototype

For more information about the Porsche Cayenne convertible prototype, please visit the Porsche website at the link below.


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