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It’s always interesting to hear how people got involved in the world of investments and finance. This week on the Invezz podcast, I spoke to someone who talks about a particularly unique journey.

How about being a priest by day and a hedge fund manager by night? It will be the Reverend Emmanuel Lemelson, a Greek Orthodox priest who is the CEO of Lemelson Capital, a hedge fund specializing in deep value and special situations.

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Having risen to prominence in 2014 with a prophetic and highly publicized WWE short film, Lemelson has seen a lot during his time at the helm of the hedge fund. We discuss why he thinks “shorting is a bad investment” despite his hugely successful position in WWE.

We also discuss the concept of morality in investing. How does Father Emmanuel’s faith affect his investments? In addition, we discuss why he believes that Wall Street can be overly criticized, and not the money-hungry monster that he is often considered to be.

Of course, it’s hard to discuss the twin issues of short selling and Wall Street greed without mentioning last year’s meme craze when retail traders fought to “stick to the man,” which led to massive pressure on short selling stocks like Gamestop.

We also discuss a topic that I have been writing about a lot lately, the growing inequality that money printing and inflation bring to society. Father Emmanuel shares his thoughts on the recent discussion in the United States about the Biden administration’s abolition of student debt (or at least some of it) and the potential impact this could have on inflation and inequality going forward.

He also explains why he will “never” invest in precious metals, as well as giving his opinion on cryptocurrencies. According to him, there is a difference between speculation and investment, the former is much closer to gambling. To be honest, it’s hard to argue with this logic, as well as with another important conclusion: whenever emotions come into play, you are playing a dangerous game.

Obviously, this is a very wide range of topics. Father Emmanuel is clearly very experienced in the financial markets – a quick look at his resume will show this soon enough – but it’s interesting to see how his religious background matches his approach to investing, as well as his outlook on life in general. .

I’ve been interviewing a whole bunch of people lately, but few, if any, of them have the unique experience and point of view that Father Emmanuel has. Forgive me for including my own show here, but this episode is worth listening to.

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