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The end of November is very close. This means that you only have a few hours left to get all the video games and additional content available on the Prime Gaming platform. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, it won’t cost you a dime to return everything. Here is the list of bonuses offered by Prime Gaming as of November 2022.

All video games and content available in this game space are available for a limited time only. Just as for certain content you have time before you restore it, so for games you must act quickly. They will no longer be free from December.

Prime Gaming Offers for November 2022

Overview of in-game content

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber and familiar with this Prime Gaming content, you know how it works. For others, know that you will probably be able to get in-game content for many games using this platform. We often find the same. Therefore, this is a good way to restore skins or other interesting items for the games in question.

Prime Gaming Games and Content Preview November 2022

Be sure to check the expiration date of the offer. The few supplements listed below are listed in chronological order. The first ones to appear are the ones that will expire.

Even if the Google Stadia platform disappears for good next January, players will still be able to enjoy it for a few weeks. That’s why Stadia and Stadia Pro subscribers can always get these different content.

Validity of header content

League of Legends Emote Very Nasus & Capsule Prime Gaming 28/11/22 PC, Mac Two Point Hospital Magic Hair Bundle 11/28/22 PC, PS, Xbox Destiny 2 Concentric Dawn Exotic Bundle 11/29/22 PC, Xbox, PS , Stadia Angry Birds Friends Power-Ups 12/4/22 Android Assassin’s Creed Valhalla High Elf Set 11/12/22 PC, Xbox, PS, Stadia, Luna Rainbow Six Siege Fame Booster 7 days 12/12/22 PC, Xbox, PS, Stadia, Luna Valorant Griffiti Bite Them 12/12/22 PC Dead by Daylight The Legion: Luminescent Sculptor 13/12/22 PC, PS, Xbox, Switch Apex Legends Natural Essence Catalyst Pack 12/14/22 PC , PS, Xbox, Switch Call of Duty: Vanguard-Warzone Celestial Divinity Pack 12/14/22 PC, Xbox, PS Marvel’s Avengers Black Panther 14/12/22 Xbox, PS, PC Rogue Company Jungle Stalker Phantom Outfit 16/12/22 PC, PS, Xbox, Switch Fall Guys Meowthnaut Pack 16/12/22 PC, PS, Xbox, Switch Call of Duty: Mobile Bundle MK2 18/12/22 Android, iOS Paladins Skin Lex Black Ops 19/12/22 Xbox, PS, Breaker, PC Roblox Crow Hunter Hood 20/12/22 PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox Rainbow Six After Effect Extract Pack 26/12/22 PC, Xbox, PS, Stadia, Luna PUBG: Battlegrounds Premium Supplies Pack #10 29/12/22 PC, PS, Xbox, Stadia

Games offered by Prime Gaming

The number of video games offered this month is equivalent to last month’s. In addition, there is something for everyone: action, adventure, car racing and puzzles.

As usual, some games can be restored through the Amazon Games app, while others require a connection to another platform (such as or Legacy Games).

I don’t know about you, but just seeing the title “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” makes me want to revisit this adventure that rocked my youth. Point-and-click adventure games like Indiana Jones, Flight of the Amazon Queen, Beneath A Steel Sky, Day of the Tentacle, and even Monkey Island that have already been offered by Prime Gaming kept me going.

Please note that the following games are available for free until November 30, 2022. Thus, you have a little more than 2 days left to collect them.

Title Type Platform Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Action/RPG Facility 47 Puzzle Legacy Games WRC 9 Racing Amazon Games Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Adventure Amazon Games Last Day of June Adventure Amazon Games Etherborn Platform/Puzzle Amazon Games Whispering Willows Adventure Amazon games

We meet in December to discuss the following gifts offered by the Amazon-owned video game platform.

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