Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 1: release date

NIS America today announces the release date of Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 1. This compilation including the games Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle Remastered and Soul Nomad & the World Eaters will be released on Switch ™ on August 31, 2021 in North America. Find unique gameplay mechanics, memorable characters, re-adapted artwork, and all the DLC available in the original versions of these two cult games, all in a special physical edition.

In addition, a new trailer dedicated to Soul Nomad is available. Gig and the gang are back to spread destruction! Create, assemble and test different teams using over 25 different unit types such as Knights, Archers, Nerneids and Griphos Knights. Your choices will have repercussions on the course of history! Send reconnaissance teams before a fight to determine the battle conditions. You can also go so far as to kidnap or fight the villagers.

Features of Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 1

  • Two new adventures in your pocket: discover Tactical RPG classics in this compilation including two games in one! (Re) immerse yourself for hours in these two thrilling adventures, wherever and whenever you want!
  • The World Eaters are back: fight your way to glory in Soul Nomad! (Re) discover its advanced game mechanics and captivating history since its initial release in 2007 on Playstation 2
  • Phantom Brave definitive version: in this new version of Phantom Brave go on an adventure quest on an island and meet memorable characters. The game mechanics that made it so successful at the time are back today, all in a full version including all of the original DLC.

Contents of the “Deluxe Edition” Volume 1

  • Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 1 game on Switch
  • The soundtrack of the game on CD “NIS Classics Volume 1 Anthology”
  • The mini artbook “NIS Classics Volume 1 Compendium”
  • A collector’s box

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