Priority emails will go electronic in 2023

La Poste continues to rely on dematerialization to optimize its services. After digital printing, it is the turn of priority letters to accept digital format.

From January 1, 2023, you will need to rely on “red emails” to send urgent emails to D+1.

A red email can be sent from until 20:00, then La Poste will print it next to the recipient to avoid transport costs. Mail delivery is carried out the next day in an envelope with a red stamp.

“The red letter as it exists today is no longer suitable for use and, as fast transportation is required, sometimes including air travel, its energy balance is very heavy,” the group justifies in a press release.

6 cents more than the current priority letter

The decline in the red letter has been in place for a decade, with households sending an average of 5 priority letters in 2021, down from 45 in 2010, according to the group. On the other hand, green letter remains popular with customers for “most day to day purposes” such as sending administrative documents and small items.

To make this service more accessible, customers will be able to send these emails from the post office, by car, or with the help of a consultant.

A red email will sell from €1.49 versus €1.43 for a priority letter today (including the cost of paper and envelope).

Recall that La Poste wants to invest 800 million euros over the next three years in the digital transformation and modernization of its premises. To make online procedures easier, the group also intends to roll out new features such as a scanning feature to avoid manually entering a tracking number for letters and registered mail. La Poste is also launching an augmented reality measuring tool for objects and surfaces to find the right packaging for packages.

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