Prison. Warden convicted of supplying marijuana to her many inmate lovers

The prison guard was sentenced on Wednesday to 24 months in prison, including 6 suspended sentences for smuggling drugs into the Bois d’Arcy prison in Yvelines. The events took place between 2018 and 2019. One of his colleagues, a 44-year-old man, gave him 18 months for the same reason.

According to Le Parisien, she brought cannabis resin wafers to the prison for several inmates with whom she had an intimate relationship.

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Several prisoners took advantage of the situation

Defendant Me Julie Lehut, the lawyer for the defendant, admits that “she fell in love with the prisoner and no longer made any distinction between what was bad and what was not, because she wanted everything to be fine with him. But she didn’t do it for the money. »

In the prison, information quickly spread. As well as other prisoners with whom she would also have an intimate relationship, they want, in turn, to take advantage of this preferential treatment.

Chocolate, meat, sweets…

During the hearing, the supervisor admitted that she skipped two 100-gram pads a week for four months. She insists that she was never paid for this period.

In addition to cannabis resin, she reportedly also introduced meat, candy, liquor bottles, a SIM card, and chocolate.

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