Private jet flights highlighted for Paris Saint-Germain star Lionel Messi

22:28, September 3, 2022

Bernard Arnault, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, or even more recently Taylor Swift… so many celebrities have been tagged with their private jet travel in recent months. But this time, according to BFMTV, the Argentine star of Paris Saint-Germain, football player Lionel Messi, has come to the attention of environmentalists and planetary defenders. Once again, it was the “@laviondebernard” account present on Instagram and Twitter that caught the controversy by posting the player’s aircraft routes: LV-IRQ. The account, which became famous for following an LVMH jet that has more than 82,000 followers on Instagram, took stock of the movement of Lionel Messi’s jet on September 1st.

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And the least we can say is that there were a lot of trips between June and the end of August. In just three months, 52 flights were recorded, or 268 flight hours, which is 1502 tons of CO2. He notes that this is “the same amount of CO2 as the average Frenchman in 150 years.” The L’avion de Bernard account, as well as the anti-globalization organization Attac, are asking the question: “Who is next to the plate?” Those who want to ban private jets, or those who still defend them? “, they write, referring to Agnès Pannier-Runache, Minister of Energy Transition.

His plane was rented several times

A naked attack on the remarks of the minister, who for a week accused environmentalists of “missing the mark”, reminds RTL, on this issue of private jets and in addressing “a problem that is very limited in terms of climate impact” . She added that it “won’t solve 99.9% of the problem.” Among the 52 listed flights, LV-IRQ’s Gulfstream V landed in London, Bilbao, Buenos Aires, Rosario (his hometown), or even Caracas, Asuncion, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, ​​Nice or Valencia. According to BFMTV, Attac France accuses the Argentine star of being one of the “super rich” who are “destroying the planet”.

However, Lionel Messi did not travel on his plane 52 times during the summer. Some of the trips he made while playing for PSG are proof of that. Since then, it has also been confirmed that Pulga leased its jet to the President of Argentina in February 2021 for $160,000 during an official trip to Mexico. In early August, Uruguayan and former Barcelona teammate Luis Suarez traveled to Montevideo to join his new club. Those explanations seem more plausible than Taylor Swift, cataloged as the most polluting star of the year with 170 Celebrity Jets rides since January. Under ridicule in social networks, she justified herself, stating that she had borrowed her plane. Floyd Mayweather, Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian or even Oprah Winfrey have also been tagged.

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