Pro-Bitcoin elected to lead the Conservative Party in Canada

Pierre Poilivre, a former minister, seasoned parliamentarian and outspoken supporter of bitcoin, has just been elected head of the Conservative Party of Canada. He could, as leader of the opposition, face a weakened Justin Trudeau, become prime minister after the next election in 2025.

Procryptovic, the future Prime Minister of Canada?

Pierre Poilivre won over 68.15% of the vote in the first round, well ahead of his main rival, former Quebec Prime Minister Jean Chareste (16.07%). The victory came at the end of a campaign targeting the country’s current prime minister, Justin Trudeau, whom he calls “Justinflation,” and the central bank governor for not knowing how to control blazing inflation. Barely elected, he again sang his refrain against the current government.

There are people in this country whose life hangs in the balance… They don’t need a government to run their lives, they need a government that can run the passport office. […] They need a prime minister who hears them and gives them hope that they can buy a house, a car, pay their bills, feed themselves, secure their pensions, and even realize their dreams if they work hard again. They need a prime minister who will give them that hope, and I will be that prime minister.

Pierre Puliev’s statement on the evening of his victory at CTV News

A speech well in line with his campaign tone, in which he promised he would go so far as to fire the governor of Canada’s central bank if he took charge of the Canadian government. A provocative statement in the very offensive style of the new Conservative leader, but based on the belief that it was the institution’s monetary policy that devalued the Canadian dollar and caused unsustainable price increases of around 8% according to the latest estimates. He also ridiculed her for her incorrect inflation forecasts over the past two years, calling her “financially illiterate”.

It must be said that this person is into economics and can be very persuasive when talking about money history and the pitfalls of money debt.

Conviction Alleged for Bitcoin and Against CBDC

An idea that he has supported for a long time and which is associated with a clear interest in Bitcoin, in which he personally invested, in particular through the Bitcoin Purpose ETF, according to his disclosure to the Federal Commissioner of Ethics. In fact, he sees BTC, and more generally cryptocurrencies, as a viable alternative to the sloppiness of the current system.

We’re going to give people the freedom, the FREEDOM to choose their own currency, without the intervention of the Bank of Canada to print money and devalue the currency.

Pierre Poillièvre in the film “Freedom’s Path”

A message that he repeats over and over.

The Poialivre government would welcome this new decentralized bottom-up economy and let people control their money from bankers and politicians.

Campaign press release

And this he puts in a situation similar to the day he went to the restaurant of the Tahini chain, which in 2020 converted its cash into bitcoins to make its first purchase in BTC.

I want to take control of money from politicians and bankers and give it back to the people. […] We must give people the freedom to choose another currency. If the government wants to misuse our cash, then we should be free to switch to another higher quality currency.

In his opinion, his country again needs a reliable currency, and citizens should be able to freely choose bitcoin and other technologies, except, of course, CBDC in central bank boxes.

Offer Bitcoin as an alternative to traditional currencies

As a result, he wants to promote the development of Bitcoin as well as its acceptance among the general public. Purpose: to give it a real status along with traditional currencies.

I’m not going to force anyone to use a particular type of cryptocurrency, and as prime minister, I’m just going to give you a choice. If you think that Bitcoin is the best tool for transactions, then you can.

With that in mind, he said he would work with authorities in all provinces to make the web of conflicting regulations governing cryptocurrencies homogeneous. He would also like to see them treated the same way from a tax standpoint as gold or other commodities.

While Poilieve’s pro-Bitcoin positioning remains marginalized in the political world, we are nonetheless seeing a growing number of high-profile individuals taking a keen interest in an asset that could offset fiat currencies’ failures. Voices are beginning to be heard almost everywhere, especially in developing countries, but the fact that politicians in the so-called developed countries can echo the saving uniqueness of Bitcoin marks a new phase.

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