Prodotto EuroBasket: Spain, Germany and Italy cut the group

EuroBasket production is up and several coaches are improving their group, including those from Spain, Germany and Italy.

18 days after the start of EuroBasket, European coaches are clarifying their choice. After doppia contualità Collision with Greece, Sergio Scariolo jaridotto il suo group of 16 units dopo information dell’esterno del Real Madrid Alberto Abalde. Another big loss to Spain left Ricky Rubio and Sergio Rodriguez on the sidelines and Ousmane Garuba left in doubt.

After the first two preparatory parts, Germany, which had to deal with the rejection of Moritz Wagner this week, reduced their group to 14 players, thanks in part to the experienced Robin Benzing, as well as Kenneth Ogbe and Leon Kratzer. This will be the Blues’ first opponent in Cologne in the group stage.

After losing Friday night to France, the Italians will be next up against Vincent Collet’s men in preparation for Montpellier-Martedy (20:30). In between parties, Gianmarco Pozzeco thanked John Petrucelli and his group now also consists of 14 players.

ESP selection:
Dario Brizuela
Lorenzo Marrone
Column di quinoa
Jaime Fernandez
Rudy Fernandez
Usman Karuba
Fran Guevara
Juanjo Hernangomes
Willy Hernangomes
Sergio Lullo
Xabi Lopez Arostegui
Juan Nunez
Joele Barra
Jaime Pratilla
Ceph dimensions
Yanguba Sima

Selezione dell’Italia:
Tommaso Baldasso
Paolo Bilica
Luigi Datum
Amedeo della Valle
Simone Fontecchio
Danilo Culinario
Nicolo Mannion
Niccolo Melli
Alessandro Payola
Achille Polonara
Giampaolo Ricci
Marco Spisu
Amadeo Desitori
Stefano Chiambella

Germany Choice:
Niels Kiffi
Justus Holatz
Karim Jallow
David Kramer
Mado Lo
Andreas Obst
Dennis Schroeder
Christian Chengfelder
Daniel Tees
Johannes Tiemann
Johannes Voigtmann
Franz Wagner
Nick Weiler-Bob
Jonas Wohlbart-Botterman

Photo: Alberto Abalde (FIBA)

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