Professional players, streamers … Shiny and LittleBigWhale answer our questions

LittleBigWhale and Shiny are in the Journal, to answer questions from our columnists and journalists. They tell us about their jobs, professional players and streamers.

Shiny is a pro-gamer on League of Legends, and is part of the OOB team, while LittleBigWhale is a freelance shooter player, primarily PUBG and Call of Duty, and a professional streamer. Shiny For her part, is not a regular streamer, and prefers to focus on her performance in play and on her mind, on which her performance depends. The two players present their respective journeys to us, and their daily lives as professional players, and as streamers. This interview ends with a few words about the question of mixed and / or gendered competitions in eSport.


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