Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk admits to buying bitcoins in 2012

Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk announced that he first bought Bitcoin in 2012 after learning how it works on the Silk Road.

The skateboarding legend spoke at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami this weekend. Hock talked about his personal experience with digital currencies in a chat by the fireplace called “Countercultures Go Mainstream.”

The conversation revolved around skateboarding and how similar cryptocurrencies are in terms of cultural acceptance.

Hawk commented on this topic: “If you are doing what you really love, you are not really working. He related this comment to cryptography: “If you work in some aspect or world of bitcoin and enjoy what you do, I think you should stick with it. “

Hawke likened the slow rise in popularity of skateboarding to the rise in popularity of the cryptocurrency market, saying that bitcoin is gaining popularity much faster than skateboarding.

Hawk’s first purchase of BTC

Hawke also admitted that he first bought bitcoin in 2012 when he saw how effective cryptocurrency is as a payment method on the now defunct Silk Road. Silk Road was the main website used primarily for illegal transactions using bitcoins. Before shutting down, the website processed more than $ 200 million in transactions between more than 115,000 buyers.

The skateboarder explained how bitcoin caught his attention as a medium of exchange, saying that “it was very fast and internationally. For me, this was the future of finance. Hawke then “immediately investigated: how do I buy bitcoin.”

The skateboarding legend admitted that he hadn’t sold the bitcoins yet, but actually donated up to four bitcoins to charity in 2012. “I would like to continue,” he commented.

Tony Hawk NFT

The famous skateboarder has also touched on the non-fungible token (NFT) space. Hawke previously announced that he would be selling his ollie 540 trick video as an NFT on the Ethernity Chain platform.

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