Programming languages: why the old favorite is falling through the ranks

PHP, a popular programming language for web and backend development, was once one of the most popular languages, but it is showing signs of declining rankings, according to software testing company Tiobe.

The list of the most popular languages ​​published by Tiobe in November 2021 places PHP in the 10th position. The language has lost two places since last November. Today it is overshadowed by Python, C, Visual Basic, and JavaScript.

“PHP was once the master of web programming, but now it faces stiff competition in this area. That doesn’t mean PHP is dead. There are still a lot of small and medium-sized businesses that depend on it. PHP So I hope PHP they continue to decline, but at a very slow rate, “says Paul Jansen, CEO of Tiobe.

PHP, a scripting language, was created in 1994 and reached the third place of the most popular languages ​​in 2010 according to the Tiobe ranking. On GitHub, PHP is still popular too, but it has been overshadowed by Microsoft’s JavaScript Typecript language. TypeScript has a type system that compiles to JavaScript and is popular for large web applications.

Tiobe bases its ranking on queries made in various programming language search engines. This is just one source that developers can use to determine which languages ​​are worth spending time learning.

However, Tiobe’s list has some quirks. JavaScript, for example, is currently in seventh place. Development analyst RedMonk has led JavaScript for several years and had placed PHP in fourth position in the first quarter of 2021. The biggest move in recent years in both indices is Python, which has enjoyed growing adoption due to growing interest in machine learning and data. analytical technologies.

The list of Tiobe’s 10 most popular languages, in descending order, is: Python, C, Java, C ++, C #, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Assembly Language. SQL and PHP.

The remaining top 20 comprised Classic Visual Basic, Groovy, Ruby, Swift, R, Perl, Delphi, Go, Fortran, and MATLAB.

SlashData, a company that offers freelance developer recruitment services, has found JavaScript to be by far the most popular language. JavaScript has 16.4 million developers, followed by Python (11.3 million), Java (9.6 million), and PHP (7.3 million).



Source: “.com”

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