Project Zero: Priestess of Black Waters is finally leaving WiiU and coming to Xbox Series X | S and One for 2021 Xbox One Mag

Today is a big day for private Xbox gamers since Episode 2 of the Project Zero saga hit their consoles. Yes, yes, it’s a really big day because although Project Zero: The Priestess of the Black Waters is not the most striking episode – according to the critics – of the 100% Japanese atmosphere survival horror series, it is a game that ultimately very few players have had the opportunity to experience.

Available in Europe only on WiiU since 2015, it has only known a collector’s box version that quickly became unobtainable at a suitable price (I looked for it, I beg you to believe it) and a dematerialized version at a price that does not has never moved one iota on the Eshop. In short, everything needed was there for no one to play.

Seeing Project Zero: The Priestess of Black Waters come back is a nice surprise for fans of the oh so frightening saga, especially since the game is not confined to the Switch as one might have imagined: it will be released this year on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

In order to roughen up the context of this Project Zero (the fifth), here is what its description on the Nintendo website tells us:

Yuri, Miu and Ren are three souls on the verge of an inexorable encounter of destinies. Attracted by the mysterious Mount Hikami, where a dark force lurks, there is no doubt that no one will escape. Through the intertwining stories of the three characters, explore abandoned apartments, winding forest paths and spooky tombs, where fear sticks to your skin and the shadows seem strangely heavy …

As in all good ghost stories, you won’t be alone in this sad world – the spirits of the missing haunt the mountain, sorrowful souls unable to rest in peace. They dislike intrusions and will surround you if you disturb them, your only weapon being your Camera Obscura, a photographic portal connected to the realm of the afterlife. Lift the Wii U GamePad to activate the viewfinder, find the perfect frame, then release the shutter button to hit your target, which will result in Spirit Shards. Capture as many as possible in the next shot to increase your punching power. You may even be able to exorcise the ghost, thus banishing him forever.

As you progress in the game you gain access to various upgrades: different types of film, faster reloads, or greater punching power, certain objectives can slow down spirits or inflict more damage on them. Water plays a major role in this story: from the pouring rains of Mount Hikami to the dripping specter of the Priestess herself. The more soaked you are, the more ghouls you have to face, but the spiritual power of your Camera Obscura will increase at the same time. Luckily, there are ways to dry off, but that’s only poor comfort as you attempt to unravel the mystery and survive the untold horrors of the Dark Mountain.

We therefore naturally find the use of the Camera Obscura (a camera) to fight enemies, with a system for the private shot of the particularity of the WiiU Gamepad. While waiting to be able to see what it gives on our consoles, place to a first trailer for Project Zero: The Priestess of the Black Waters.

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